About Us

The Este Niño Lindo Foundation (This Beautiful Little Boy Foundation) was created to honor and celebrate the life of Jorge Emilio García Rodríguez. The Foundation’s mission has been inspired and guided by Jorge’s incredible courage in fighting cancer, and that of his family and friends.

Este Niño Lindo was created with the commitment to provide comfort and support to families with children who endure the difficult battle against cancer. In particular, we support low-income families for whom the future is even more uncertain. Because hospitalization tends to be emotionally and physically exhausting for both the child and the family —it can be very expensive and causes significant change in their daily lives—, we focus on meeting some of the basic immediate needs during hospital stays.

Caring for a child who is sick with cancer can be very difficult in many different ways. Therefore, through various forms of in-kind support, Este Niño Lindo seeks to facilitate this difficult process by providing some comfort to these families in need, and a smile to the faces of their children.

Through your generous contributions to Este Niño Lindo Foundation, 100% of every donation goes directly toward helping the families in need, with zero overhead costs or other uses. Even a small donation goes a very long way toward helping the impacted families in Mexico.


Jorgito was a fun, sweet, energetic and very outgoing six-year old little boy. He had just finished Kindergarten in 2011 and was more than ready to be a first grader. In early July we noticed a sudden change in his demeanor: he had lost weight, he looked constantly exhausted and he began experiencing abdominal pains. After several visits to the doctor looking for answers, the blood analysis gave us the hard news.

Jorgito (as we would call him) was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on July 22nd, 2011. It was an early diagnosis and thankfully, the prognosis was very promising.

From day one of his treatment, Jorgito responded very well, with the best attitude and promising results. Although he was in remission and his prognosis to overcome the disease was excellent, Jorge Emilio left us on October 30, 2011 after battling an infection.

The idea of starting the Foundation came up the same day he was diagnosed. We were certain that this difficult battle we were about to start would unite us as a family, make us better human beings and give back to others who are caring for their child with cancer.

Este Niño Lindo is a tribute to a child full of love and affection, who always had a big smile on his face. Now it is up to us to help bring back the smiles to children like him and their families as they go through similarly difficult times.

Love’s best reward… is love!


Through the generosity of individual donations, the work we have done at Este niño lindo Foundation has focused on families who seek treatment for their children in the Pediatric Oncology Department of the O’Horan Augustine Hospital of Mérida city, in the state of Yucatán, Mexico. This public hospital provides health services for families without medical insurance. Services or programs provided by the Foundation include the following:

Donation of educational materials. We collect board games, books, and other materials for the hospital library.

Christmas Crafts Workshop. We raise funds to make the Christmas decorations for the hospital, as well as giving them useful gifts.

Backpack delivery. With the funds raised from the first Crafts Workshop we also were able to provide each child a backpack with basic toiletries and hygiene items, essential to daily life in the hospital. A total of 110 backpacks have been given to all children who are currently undergoing cancer treatment at the Hospital.

Blood donation campaign. The hospital provides blood and platelets to patients free of charge. All they request is that the blood be replenished via donors. Most of the children in the O’Horan Hospital who benefit from the Foundation are from out of town, usually from very remote, poor and rural areas. Since most families have no family or friends living in Mérida, finding blood donors is a complicated and stressful task. The Foundation’s campaign focuses on motivating volunteers to donate the blood units in order to replenish any balances that patients may have.

Lego fundraiser. Legos are a great source of fun and entertainment for children during hospital stays: they stimulate creativity, promote problem-solving skills and are easy to keep clean. We conducted a Lego fundraiser and have been able to provide Legos to all patients during Christmas and other holidays as gifts.

First Annual Fundraiser. This fundraiser aimed to raise funds to financially support families. We provided them with food, cellphone credit to keep in touch with their loved ones, transportation expenses, as well as basic hygiene items.

Mother’s Day Celebration. For the first time, we celebrated the courageous and loving women who take care of their children day and night, without rest. They received a gift, including a hand massage and a manicure, so they could relax and feel rejuvenated.

Direct monthly support. We directly support the families and children in diverse ways every month, from grocery deliveries to paying for medications that are not covered by insurance.

How to help?

  1. Make a donation directly to the Foundation’s account:
    Fundación Este Niño Lindo AC
    Sucursal (branch): 7004
    Cuenta (account): 3922589
    Clabe (dedicated account security code): 002910700439225899